Our Services

Aksie offers a deep unders­tan­ding of the ever-chan­ging lifecycle of mate­rials, recycling processes and sustai­nable busi­ness. With our strong network of part­ners, we know how to form func­tio­ning new value chains and opti­mize your recycling processes.


Our Services

Recycling has become an inte­gral part of life and busi­ness. To your company’s benefit, recyclable mate­rials have become commo­di­ties. The oppor­tu­nity to gene­rate revenue as a result of recycling has become a reality. Aksie provides sourcing, procu­re­ment and sustai­nable mate­rials mana­ge­ment in a world of finite resources.

Match making

The real ques­tion is not how to recycle but how to do busi­ness with it? To iden­tify real recycling poten­tial means plan­ning func­tional value chains and knowing the right people to make them happen.

At Aksie we specia­lize in brin­ging together the right part­ners, suppliers, buyers and other rele­vant parties to realize your recycling busi­ness poten­tial. Locally and globally. Want to go out on a date?

Process design

The recycling process typically involves a number of steps, inclu­ding collec­tion, trans­por­ta­tion, sorting, proces­sing into usable raw mate­rials and finally to produce new products.

The people at Aksie have been crea­ting recycling solu­tions for over three decades in various industries as well as the consumer segment. With our vast expe­rience, network and deep insight on future possi­bi­li­ties, we can first iden­tify the recycling poten­tial in your opera­tions and then plan all the neces­sary steps to make it reality.


Envi­ron­mental concerns making head­lines daily, clearly recycling is the best option for mana­ging your company’s waste and Aksieis here to help you. Decreased opera­ting costs, increased busi­ness reve­nues and stream­lined processes are the foun­da­tion of our expert services. If you’re serious about reuse and recycling, we are your partner.

We stay flexible and respon­sive, provi­ding intel­li­gent, modern, actio­nable solu­tions to the sustai­na­bi­lity chal­lenges of our time.


Are all the partici­pants in the recycling process capable of hand­ling, sorting and storing waste and reusable mate­rials correctly?

Trai­ning in neces­sary for instance when launc­hing new recycling proce­dure in new office loca­tions. Having the right know­ledge about recycling and its reasons and effects, moti­vates partici­pants to act opti­mally in order to achieve the best results.

We offer trai­ning services tailored to our custo­mers together with trai­ning orga­ni­sa­tions.